Simon Livingstone, M.D. Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
                                                                        In Downtown Seattle

I am a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy (or "talk therapy").  I trained at the University of Washington Medical Center, during which time I gained experience in several modalities of psychotherapy. My area of expertise is psychodynamic psychotherapy, a form of talk therapy that is first and foremost based on developing a comfortable and collaborative therapeutic relationship. We then utilize this working relationship to explore the often unrecognized factors that are driving your unwanted symptoms, difficulties in relationships, or other sources of distress. Enhanced reflection and insight allow for a greater sense of purpose, improved self-reliance, deepening of important relationships, and alleviation of distress.  

Each person and situation is unique. I am interested in working with you as a person, not a diagnosis. The best outcomes are reached when we create a treatment plan that is informed by your understanding of what works best for you. My training as a psychiatrist further allows our work to draw upon a variety of perspectives on the social, psychological, and biological underpinnings of emotional unrest and suffering.

My practice is based in downtown Seattle near the Pike Place Market. I enjoy working with both individuals and couples. Please call 206-949-0027 to arrange a consultation.

Simon Livingstone, M.D. P.L.L.C.
Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist
2025 First Avenue, Suite 720
Seattle, Washington 98121